Bungobox: Move. Unpack. Now give 'em back.

Moving Boxes in Halifax. Get Free BungoBox Delivery!

BungoBox rents plastic moving boxes in Halifax and delivers them right to your door. BungoBoxes beat flimsy cardboard moving boxes every time.

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BungoBox Halifax will match any competitor's offer. Email info@bungobox.ca for details.

Halifax BungoBox

Bedford, Nova Scotia B4B 1J6

P: 855.286.4629
E: info@bungobox.ca

Hours of Business

    Delivery: Mon-Sat 8AM-8PM

Product Pricing

Rental Packages

Small Move
14 Large BungoBoxes 1 XL BungoBoxes 1 Large BungoWheels   $47/1 week
$70.50/2 weeks
1 Bedroom Package
23 Large BungoBoxes 2 XL BungoBoxes 1 Large BungoWheels $57/1 week
$85.50/2 weeks
2 Bedroom Package
32 Large BungoBoxes 3 XL BungoBoxes 1 Large BungoWheels $77/1 week
$115.50/2 weeks
3 Bedroom Package
45 Large BungoBoxes 5 XL BungoBoxes 2 Large BungoWheels 1 XL BungoWheels   $103/1 week
$154.50/2 weeks
4 Bedroom Package
63 Large BungoBoxes 7 XL BungoBoxes 2 Large BungoWheels 1 XL BungoWheels $133/1 week
$199.50/2 weeks


Large BungoWheels
Stack your boxes and move them with ease on BungoWheels. They function like a dolly and are custom sized to fit the BungoBoxes. $5.00 week/dolly
A friend to your fragile items, BungoWrap is 100% recycled and biodegradable. Purchase some so you can pack and wrap guilt-free! $9.00 5 pounds
Secure BungoBoxes with BungoZips to keep your stuff in and curious bystanders out.  $3.00 50 zips
L BungoBoxes
Made of durable, recyclable plastic, BungoBoxes stand up to stacking and rainy days much better than typical cardboard moving boxes. $3.25 week/box
XL BungoBoxes
Same great design, even more space! Our extra large BungoBoxes hold roughly a cubic foot more than the large. $3.50 week/box
Wardrobes keep your hanging clothing safe and wrinkle free! Transfer them straight from the closet to the wardrobe and back.  Wardrobe dimensions are 24"W x 21"D x 48"H. $7.00 week/item

Call to place order – 855.286.4629

Delivery fee of $25 on orders of $100 or less